Nice meeting you

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Hi, it’s nice meeting you, we are QUICKDEV Software Development.

I have founded the company in 2017 with a clear goal – build your next website, as complex as it be.


My name is Yaniv, father for 3.

With over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology and Software Development domains in Enterprise Hi Tech companies, I have decided to go on a new way and use the knowledge I gained throughout the years to help you succeed.


The idea is simple – Joint efforts with more professionals  to bring you the most appropriate and suitable solutions for you. So … we created a talented group of professionals, each in their domain, with more than 40 years of experience (!) accumulated in various domains such as infrastructure, development, project management, etc. 

With this arsenal, we thought to share the knowledge and insights we gained and help you succeed.

Our goal – we are not looking to be another web creators, but to provide a holistic and comprehensive service in the field – while building unique solutions for your purpose – from tailor-made websites thru support your digital transformation – transition from the old and cumbersome world to the new and efficient.

We believe we can help you be more efficient – lower the costs and increase your profits. So go ahead – let us help you succeed.