Software Design & Development


Back office and intra-organization systems development for your business, that perfectly suites your needs.

Websites & Web Applications development for any purpose – landing pages, corporate website, online e-commerce stores, cloud-based and multi-user systems (SaaS) and more …

Need to reduce your development time? Increase time to market? We can help!
Establish dedicated development teams for your needs, adding workforce to your existing teams , accompanying or managing them. 
Our team specializes in mobile and web developments.

Mobile applications development for any purpose, using the latest standards and technologies.

Design and UX/UI studio with an emphasis on maximizing user experience


QUICKDEV – Software Design & Development is a home for software development and services, established in 2017 with one goal in mind – bring our customer overall and extensive services in the area of software design, development and solutions.

We build unique solutions specifically tailored to our customers – defining a design language, precise and sharp requirements specification to fit the perfect solution to your exact needs.

We have created a unique team of professionals, with 60(!) years of accumulated experience in areas such as Infrastructure and Infrastructure Technology, web applications and web systems development, mobile development, DevOps and automation, project managements and more…

With a lot of years of experience we decided to share the knowledge and insights we have gained and help our customers succeed.

We believe we can help you be more efficient – take your costs down and bring your revenue and profitability up.
So, let’s go – let us help you succeed!

LATEST WORK connects between businesses and their employees by bringing technology into their world and simplify salary slips delivery from days to minutes!

“We’ve got warm recommendations about  quickdev studio and decided to give it a try. Our website was built with professionalism and patience all the way to launching…”

“After building a template-based and not really successful website, we were looking for someone who would improve the design and build a website for us as we want, without limitations. We got to quickdev and suddenly – anything is possible.
The studio redesigned the site exactly as we wanted.

“A huge thank you to Yaniv who designed the most beautiful site I could ask for, it was a pleasure working with you and there are no words to explain how much I appreciate
@yanivamrami “

“We were looking to replace our back office system. We were looking to make the entire studio rental process more accessible and basically make a system that will work for us.
Luckily we got to quickdev studio and within a month or so we’ve a designed system with all the functionality we needed.”

“And what is simpler than a Mobile App with easy access to your pay slips?

So … based on the existing system, we built an App that uses the existing API and displays the employee’s pay slips easily and quickly. “

A great mobile App that provides a quick look at our store (based on WooCommerce). With that we have everything we were looking for – we quickly see our store’s performance – income versus expenses, income trends, get tips on how and where to focus … in short, fire! “

“We were looking to create a back office system and basically to digitalize our entire work process. In the Solar Energy field, there are a lot of manual processes with a lot of 3rd parties involved.
We connected with quickdev studio and got a system to handle every aspect of our day to day work – receive a lead, create a customer identity, manage the entire work lifecycle and most important make it visible to the entire office!

Wait, and it’s not over yet, the system is designed to manage customers’ service calls as well and it looks like the sky is the limit (or not)”