Let's get some Coffee


Project definition and scope –

We’ll sit together for a quick introduction. You’ll tell us all we need to know about you, your business, brand and your site “personality”, starting with the desired design (clean, slick, or colorful?), through the technical details (existing procedures needed improvements etc.). 

We’ll learn your customers base and target, we’ll plan the user interface and user experience and more…

Oh, and the coffee is on us.


Homework (ours...)

Our homework… not yours…

We will build the first draft, based on the session earlier. 

By the end of this step, we’ll have a working, functional site but still not done.

Homework (yours...)

book open

Yes, you have homework too – content, content and some more content.

What does it mean?

Pictures, articles about your business and your brand and any other material you’ll want to show.


Draft & Feedback

We meet again. 

This time we have a working draft which we’ll go thru. This is the feedback loop process – we’ll learn from you what’s working for you and what’s not – functionality and design. 

Afterwards, we’ll go to our desk to apply your input and fix any bugs (just kidding… we don’t have any bugs :-))

Launch Time!


Once we present the final, production version and successfully finished the feedback process – we launch your site!

But wait… we still have work to do… integration with Google Tag Manager and Analytics, Facebook Pixel and more… We want to learn your audience behavior and maximize traffic and conversion.

Go online now!

Is your business closed? 

NOW is the time to get online and make your business accessible to your customers or employees. 

Contact us today and let’s start!

זה הזמן לאונליין!

במיוחד עכשיו, כשהעסק סגור, זה הזמן לעבור לעבודה אונליין ולהנגיש את העסק שלך הן ללקוחות והן לעובדים.

בניית אתר תדמית, תוכן,  חנות וירטואלית או הנגשת מערכת ה-“בקאנד” של העסק לתמוך בעבודה מהבית ולהשאיר את העסק חי.

עכשיו זה הזמן! צרו קשר איתנו עוד היום ונתחיל.